I buy and sell websites and sometimes need a new logo for a web business I am buying or creating. Zeason Designs is an essential part of my business that I use to help give the sites a new look. I have used him for many of my clients sites and have never been disappointed with his creativity and customer service. He truly makes sure that you are100% satisfied with the design or he will do whatever it takes to make you happy.
We have been using Zeason for our design projects for the last 18 months. Always reliable, fast and available to make modifications, not to mention top quality design. We will continue to use his services for the forseeable future.
I have used Zeason Designs three times and am in the process of commissioning yet another design from him. I appreciate the artistic efforts, the ability to understand my needs, and the efficient, considerate treatment I always receive from Zeason Designs!
I have had all my logos created by Zeason Designs for the past year and a half. I feel confident enough to recommend Zeason Designs to anyone looking for high quality designs without out paying silly prices. They are top notch and the team are a pleasure to deal with.
Zeason has been a valued member of the team since the site began. He is the only graphic artist we have needed to engage. He did the final design work on the logo, working skilfully with our requirements and visual ideas. Since then, he has created many original online banner ads that promote contests that reside on These ads must pass several levels of approval, and their success is measured by both the popularity of the contests and the quality of marketing they provide.

In addition to providing us with high quality work, Zeason is a pleasure to work with. His communications are unfailingly polite and he is always happy to take direction and help. As a result, entirely through online communications, he has become an important and much valued member of our team.
I'm a VERY Happy Repeat Customer! I've gotten so many awesome logos from Zeason I've literally lost track. I always love his creativity and his responsiveness. The value I get for the price I pay is truly amazing. I've recommended his services to several people and his great work makes ME look good!
Hi guys.. I would like to complement Zeason. He has done so many logos for me and the result was just like I expected.
Zeason can also provide you with the type of logo you like... Let's say if you like certain company logo and follow the style. He would do it too. So far I can say that am happy to let him work on my project :) so I can speed up the launch. Thanks Zeason :)


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