Coach Peterman has done it again! His NBA and NCAA Basketball Drills - Skyrocket your team's skill development package is incredible! There are over 2,300 pages of coaching notes. The NBA Skill Development Play Book provides you overviews of NBA defensive concepts, drills for offensive and defensive skill development, and some of the best sets run by NBA teams! The 2011 basketball skill development book is a tremendous collection of clinic notes with diagrams from some of the best coaches in the business. You will learn from John Beilein, Bill Self, Billy Donovan, Brad Stevens, Jim Calhoun, Lawrence Frank, Doc Rivers, Coach K, and many more! The Spartan Teams Skills Book contains 100 Drills that will improve individual and team offensive and defensive skills. The 2012 NBA All-Star Skill Development Playbook gives you drills to learn the scoring moves of 16 NBA All-Stars including Durant, Kobe, Lebron, and Dwight Howard. The Temple Matchup Zone Playbook gives you the philosophy, rules, and adjustments to implement this zone with your team. The Basketball Drills package is 445 pages of individual and team drills that will enhance any coaches practice planning. The package is an amazing value! You would spend thousands of dollars to attend all of the clinics and purchase all of the videos to obtain this knowledge.

Jim Ponchak
Ridgerwood High School, NJ, Assistant Coach
Lead instructor at PGC Basketball


With the start of the high school and college basketball season still four months away this is the best time to be learning outside of your comfort zone. Learn a new defense, add new sets into your offensive system, study up on different coaching philosophies and re-evaluate your own. One of the quickest and most efficient ways to start this learning process is read from this unbelievable collection of notes, drills, and plays put together by Men's Basketball HoopScoop! This is a recommended investment into your coaching career and team! With thousands of pages to learn from, I guarantee you'll be happy you've given you and your team an added edge before the season!

Brandon Rosenthal
St. Edward's University Men's Basketball, Basketball Coach


Let's cut to the chase...

...when winning matters most you need to get your hands on the best advice possible.

Which is exactly what I'm handing you today - putting the ball firmly back in your court.

You probably know you don't know everything, and need new plays from champion teams explained simply but in detail and you need them now. You want to win. Everyone does. And you know the margin between winning and losing is really quite small. We've all been there as coaches. We want to see our players transcend and take it to the next level of skill, intensity and desire. You are the one who will get them to tap into that passion. But you have to know what you are doing.

I can show you how to make your players love you. All you have to do is make them almost impossible to beat on the basketball court. At the same time, they will hate you, because you will be pushing them in practice harder and more intense than you ever have before. To win it takes pain and suffering, but it's oh so sweet when you see the results.

Don't take one bit of what I have to say for granted today, or you could be kicking yourself later. Commit to this now, or lose the vital edge you need to be the best.

Listen, some players will give you problems, and all players will question you at times. But once you have your players improving so much that they love the attention they get from doing so well on the court, THEY WILL thirst for more.

Once you have opposing teams dreading facing your vaunted offense and defense because of the pounding they know they are going to get, your players will transform into arrogant enforcers knowing they will dominate. They will do it because you will show them and you will show them the right way. I dare you to take these drills and plays, apply them to your team, and then come back and tell me at the end of the season this didn't work for you.

I know it's not going to happen because I know this package will work and it will work because it's from the best minds in basketball. Period.

Grab This With Both Hands Right Now

Walk into practice tomorrow armed with the drills of the champions... transform your players into true titans of the court. Have them playing so fierce on offense your opponents will cry after they've been rocked by your team all night.

Whether you are a veteran coach or this is your first year, you will find drills to skyrocket your players' skills. Heck, you can even tell them these drills are from the most talented players ever. This is the only route to success in professional basketball! And you will have the drills to show your players how to train just like LeBron James or Derrick Rose. Now your team will try to step into the footsteps of their heroes.

Motivate Them Like You've Never Motivated Them Before.

This is your chance to take charge of your team's destiny.

You have to start somewhere, so why not start here?

You are the coach.

Let me show you how you can do better and more effectively than anyone has ever shown you before.

Give them the drills and the defensive plays. Force them to do them. See the results. Let's make this the best season ever!

Alright, let's get straight to the rim.


- 1000s of pages with basketball plays and drills that will help you destroy any defensive plan.

- Skill Development insights and techniques from the National Basketball Association which will catapult your players' skills.

- Drills from Top NBAers to convert your players to real pros.

- Team drills to get your players gelling when they hadn't before.

- Video instructions to transform your guards from decent or average to spectacular.

- A collection of the best basketball drills implemented by the best basketball players during 2012.

- The secrets of one of the best zone defenses ever utilized (the Matchup Zone Defense).

This is your chance to make your team better and reach higher heights than ever before. Do this today! As a coach, you realize you just don't have the time to go over all the new plays and drills out there. That's why I want to give you everything... right now, today.

Learn the Basketball Drills of the Baylor Bears as coached by Scott Drew and team with “Guard Development Workout” and “Advanced Guard Workout”

- How Scott Drew and his coaches helped to develop some of the best guards in college basketball over the last few years. This is revolutionary stuff.

- How to drill your players in all the facets of the game a guard needs to be good at to dominate a game today... not only shooting, dribbling and driving, but also attacking and finishing at the rim... A hallmark of the best guards in the modern game.

- How to take your guards to the next level and push them to the limit. Two separate 6-drill and 8-drill intense workout and basketball drill sessions will show your guards how to do everything in the game. This will have your guards on the cutting edge of guard play theory and principles.

- Baylor are tough on defense, tougher than people realize. You will learn the secrets of their toughness and their overall success. It shines through the whole program!


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(Hint: Dominating Guard Play Will Commence Shortly After Drilling Your Players the Way Baylor Does)

Get the “2012 NBA All-Star Skill Development Playbook” and Wow your players into becoming better as they seek to pattern their game after the greats. Teach them improvement and Hard Work at the same time:

- Over 90+ drills from basketball big guns such as Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, and Derrick Rose. These are the elite of the elite, the guys other NBA players look up to in wonder and wish they could be like them!

- More ways for your players to score in one-on-one situations.

- Instructions to help your players improve their individual moves. Convert them to constantly loaded offensive guns.

- Superstar plays: Show your players how the best players in the NBA take the world on their shoulders and have multiple options to score when their team needs it most.

With the “Spartan Teams Skills Playbook”, you will show your players not only how to win more games and become better as a team, but how basketball can be used to succeed at anything in life. After all, isn't this what it's all about and why we do what we do?

- 100 drills for your players to become better and dominant in every single aspect of the game.

- Shooting, dribbling, offense, defense, passing, rebounding and everything else your players need to become a complete player.

- Progressive techniques which you need to become better today.

- Teamwork drills for guards and big men to work with each other on the court in the most effective ways.

- Individual drills for different positions to work on in order for position players to learn their roles and become more effective team players.

- Drills designed to be fun to both instruct and entertain and get your players loving the game.

Another collection of skills and plays that NBA greats use to blitz the opposition in the “NBA Skill Development Playbook”.

- Use fancy footwork like the pros do in the post in order to have the best opportunities to score.

- What the most experienced minds in the game say about skill development, even at the highest levels. Show your players of how the pros develop their skills each and every day.

- How to be committed and competitive as well as being disciplined to succeed. All great stars practice these attributes the RIGHT way.

- 102 pages of elite information including drills for guards and post players.

- Awesome defensive techniques and ideas for the full-court, half-court and man-to-man straight from the ranks of the professionals.

- Drills to maximize the potential of even your weakest players.

Seek more knowledge from the best college teams of 2011 in the "2011 NCAA Tournament Coaches - Basketball Skill Development" ebook. A virtual encyclopedia of knowledge in just one ebook...

- Over 3000 pages of notes from experienced coaches who have been in the trenches for years and years!

- Great post-season reading for you to glean out the best information you can then take and apply to your team. You know your team best so pick and choose from this stellar collection what you will need to improve with your own team!

- 163 basketball coaching clinic notes from top college coaches of the 2011 NCAA Tournament.

- Individual instruction notes so you can work one-on-one with players to assist them on the parts of their game that need improvement.

- A plethora of information for you to use with your players in the off-season so you can be ready to attack and go all-out once the season begins.

Bonus! The “Temple Match-up Zone Defense” laid bare for you to model your defensive scheme and become one of the most dreaded defenses in your league.

- How to run this match-up zone in each and every situation so you can squelch offenses and dominate even fire hot offensive teams.

- Become feared and have your opposition anticipating facing you with horror as you discover how to run this defense through every second of the game and against any offense you will possibly face.

- Run a defense with no holes and have your players defending with greater confidence. A unique way to frustrate and stop stronger opponents and convert your team to real winners.

- Continually thwart great post players as this defense will have them disheartened in ways they hadn't imagined were possible.

- Teach your players how to help in more deadly cogent ways.

- Run this defense and stifle opponents who never had encountered it before. It's so hard to prepare for as it's an amazingly unique defense.

With this other FREE BONUS we are throwing in, you will have all the basketball drills we released in the year 2012.

- If you don't have time to find all of them, don't worry. We've done it all for you by combining them into one collection of basketball drills!

- Get the basketball drills of the best pros in the game and let your players implement them to their game. Derrick Rose, Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Jeremy Lin are only some of those whose drills are presented and explained in 445 pages of pure gold.

- Awesome new drills to get you going and analyze great team plays. As always, we save you countless hours of time.

- Spend your time teaching your team to be better players and going on a running streak rather than spending too much time downloading.

You Know that to Buy This Stellar Collection Individually Would Cost Way More Than Double, So Take Advantage of My Crazy Offer Today!

You know how much you would be paying if you had to buy all that's in this package at their individual prices and have the DVDs shipped to you? More than $200!

However, I want to share the best deals with other coaches as often as is possible. I want you to take this information and not have to worry about price, but just worry about how it's going to get your team kicking butt in the shortest amount of time. You know you want your players to improve their skills. Learn how to rock it on the court and how to play defense like animals and rip other offenses to shreds. You know you want to do that as I much as I do too!

Need more skills development for your players? I've given you everything you should ever need. Even more than a season's worth of drills and techniques to improve.

More competitive spirit? You can get insights into this right here. Help your players rediscover their hunger for winning before apathy sets in.

Dominating Defense to that others dread to face? You can have it now. It's all about intensity, hard work and a frustrating, tireless system that never stops blasting offenses like some violent machine.

Remember Everything you are Getting in this Epic Collection of Basketball Drills, Plays, Notes and Skills Development:

- Two DVDs from the Super-smart coaches of the Baylor Bears who have made churning out skilled guards their specialty: “Guard Development Workout” and “Advanced Guard Workout”.

- The “2012 NBA All-Star Skill Development Playbook” to Motivate and Amaze your players as they set out in their quest to be the best they can be.

- The “Spartan Teams Skills Playbooks” so your players can learn exactly how to be winners and have fun doing it at the same time. Instill more passion and joy into your practices to get your players jazzed up.

- The “NBA Skill Development Playbook” to get your team working and moving like pros.

- Notes from coaches who are revolutionizing the game with the "2011 NCAA Tournament Coaches - Basketball Skill Development".


Analysis of one of the most frustrating defenses your opponents will face with a scary in-depth look at the “Temple Match-up Zone Defense”

- complimentary ebook of a collection of all the free basketball drills we've offered in 2012.

"Once again, Coach Peterman puts out an Playbook that is sensational. I am always looking to update my list of skill development drills, and thus Playbook allows me to reference back to the NBA whick always gets the attention of my players. This is a great bargain if you are looking for new ideas to enhance your individual and summer workouts. I highly recomment it"

John Peterson
Ohlone Renegades Men's Basketball, Head Coach

"Tim Springer's Team Skills Playbook is an incredible collection of drills that will help your team before and during the season. I am constantly challenged to find new things to use during the season that will not only help our players improve, but continue to build on the foundations laid during the preseason. Coach Springer's material makes my search easier now."

Lason Perkins
Chapel Hill High Scholl, Basketball Coach
Creator of Instructional Videos for Basketball Coaching

I love that the Baylor Skill Development Series takes you into one of the nation's top basketball programs and shows you how the Baylor Bear coaching staff develops their player's abilities. We have included many of the drills from this DVD series into our individual skill development sessions at Morningside College. Incorporating these new drills into our workout sessions has kept our players focus and effort levels high. I would highly recommend these DVD's to any coach, the chapters are well organized, easy to take notes on, and easy to incorporate into any skill development session.

Anthony Elias
Morningside College Men's Basketball, Assistant Coach
Creator of Instructional Videos for Basketball Coaching

I just got done previewing Coach Peterman's NBA and NCAA Basketball Drills notes package. Coach Peterman has once again provided a wealth of basketball knowledge and resource that would help any coach, regardless of his/her coaching experience or philosophy to the game. I was able to find a multitude of drills, teaching points, and tweeks that I will be able to implement into my system of play. I highly recommend this coaching resource to anyone coach who is serious about improving his/her team's fundamental play.

David Preheim
Assistant Boys Basketball Coach at Tea Area High School in Tea, South Dakota

Basketball is your passion. You want to add value to your players, your program, and your community. Do you have the time and the money to invest on fees, lodging and meals, and travel to national coaching clinics? What's the solution?

Men's Basketball Hoopscoop offers NBA and NCAA Basketball Drills package, with comprehensive drills that provide real solutions for your coaching and player development. The package includes conditioning drills from the legendary Alan Stein, and more than a thousand pages of offensive and defensive drills and coaching tips that you can tailor to your players' needs. Need drills to facilitate closeouts or help defense? They're in here. Do your players need to learn to create more opportunities for themselves and teammates? The Ginobili versus Harden series helps to visualize options. Can your players get separation off the dribble? Ganon Baker suggests ways to do it. Want ideas on employing matchup zones, defending transition, communications with your athletic director, improving your RPI ranking? It's all here.

Do you need more ideas on how to improve the practice experience? The NBA and NCAA Basketball Drills package contains a plethora of great information that shows your players and your peers your commitment to excellence. As a busy physician, I don't have the time to travel to national coaching clinics. But with this package, my teaching and love for the game goes off the charts. It's so great that you'll be thankful for bad weather so you can catch up on your reading.

Ron Sen, MD
Melrose Middle School, Basketball Coach

All teams need to develop their skills, whether it's to make good players great or average players good. Whatever the case, even the players at the top of their game know that if they let their concentration slip for a moment, they will be passed by those hungrier and harder working than them. But you don't have to let this happen to you and your players!

This is truly a priceless collection of great skills and great strategies for you to rule the court for years to come...

You've seen the value. What's inside is worth even more than the original price. Hundreds more. But I've gone an extra step to make this affordable for all coaches and programs. Let's walk hand-in-hand to start a new coaching revolution.

To your teams future success!


Scott Peterman
Owner of

P.S. I love to give great deals, but I can't leave them on the market forever. I may decide to realize I really was just too crazy to offer this package at this price and take it down at a moment's notice. It's hear for now, but I can't promise it will be here forever. Do you really want to risk this being gone when you come back to check? Let's get going today, and work to becoming amazing coaches with amazing players by using these materials, today.

P.S.S. Whether you have great guards, post players or ball-handling small forwards, you will improve your team with what's inside. The best drills from great coaches, awesome defensive strategies made by brilliant minds, how to be intense and improve, it's all here. Let's make it happen!